Apollo Cruises Co., Ltd.

Apollo Cruises offers private and luxury cruises on its predominantly company-owned boats at the highest standards of service and safety for very reasonable prices.

We offer cruises with pick-up and drop off from the Bali Hai Port in Pattaya as well as Ocean Marina at Na Jomtien. Individual pick-ups and drop offs at selected hotel beaches by tender or other piers are available on request.


Apollo Cruises is legally registered under The Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce (Registration No. 0205559012058) and is licensed to conduct business services as a cruise operator. The company has the support of the Tourism Authority of Thailand as well as leading Thai group tour companies and intends to excel in helping to grow tourism to Thailand at the highest levels of services and safety at Sea.

Happy, smiling and returning customers, filled with unforgettable memories of Thailand offshore havens and sights is “Apollo Cruises’ ultimate vision.